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Ryan Jordan: 2013 Final GDP Below 2% – Heck of a recovery

By Ryan Jordan, Jan 30, 2014

With GDP for 2013 coming in at a measly 1.9%– and this is using government data, folks, which I believe to be just a tad inaccurate– plus the news that initial jobless claims rose this week– certainly does not seem to justify such heady levels for the stock market.  And then we add in news of the taper and I’ve got to wonder why anyone is hanging around this party anymore.  But as many have said, and as many have witnessed, markets can stay irrational far longer than you can remain solvent.  Conversely, the exhaustion phase for gold and silver appears to be upon us. Not sure that bullion is going to make new lows, but by the same token, post-parabolic markets take some time to heal.

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