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Further Extensions Of Mineralisation At Frasers

OceanaGold Corporation is pleased to announce further results from an underground diamond drilling program at the Frasers underground mine in Otago, New Zealand.

Another great release from Oceana today, they identify extensions of the gold mineralisation at depth and down dip from the current mine workings in Panel 2 (pressrelease July 12). Ongoing drilling may show that mineralisation is extending to the north, south, and south-east.

• Hangingwall Shear intercepts (estimated true widths) including 5.0m @ 5.55g/t (UDH6036), 5.0m @ 3.17g/t Au (UDH6025), 11.0m @ 2.72 g/t Au (UDH6026), 6.0m @ 2.71 g/t Au (UDH6024) and 5.5m @ 2.96g/t (UDH6035) demonstrate grades and lode thicknesses similar to the current Panel 2 mining area.

• Significant intercepts (estimated true widths) below the Hangingwall Shear of 4.0m @ 4.87 g/t Au (UDH6013), 6.0m @ 4.90 g/t Au (UDH6021), 6.0m @ 5.08 g/t Au (UDH6031), 6.0m @ 3.00 g/t Au (UDH6032) and 3.5m @ 7.98 g/t Au (UDH6022) indicate potential for a new sub parallel structure similar to the P2 Deeps mineralisation under Panel 2C.

N.B. The Hangingwall Shear refers to the geologically continuous mineralised zone immediately below the over-laying waste sequence. In the underground operation this is the principally targeted zone for mining due to its higher and more consistent gold grades.

“This is the first indication of a new possible area of mineralisation and these intercepts may represent one or more sub-parallel lodes similar to the Panel 2 Deeps discovery announced last year,” said vice-president Darren Klinck.

Team O B Research

For full pressrelease, see pdf

King World News – Eric Sprott

We encourage people to listen to the very excellent interviewer Eric King on King World News. He is always well prepared on the subjects he discusses, and therefore asking intelligent and logical questions. This is the main reason why, week after week, Eric attract so many great guests on his show.

Eric Sprott is Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & Portfolio Manager of Sprott Asset Management – Eric has over 35 years of experience in the investment industry and manages roughly $5 billion.  Eric has been stunningly accurate in his writings for over a decade, and is one of the highly respected industry professionals who was able to foresee the current crisis. He chronicled the dangers of excessive leverage as well as the bubbles the Fed was creating, while correctly forecasting the tragic collapse we are all enduring.  Sprott Asset Management is one of the top firms in the world. The firm has become well known not only for its performance, but also for creating a gold and now silver trust.

To listen to today’s interview, please click on the picture below:

Is The Gold Trade “Crowded”?

It’s true that GLD’s assets just passed the $50 billion mark, and that it’s the second largest U.S. ETF. Yes, mints had difficulty filling orders when the Greek crisis broke. And yes, the gold price is up nine years in a row.

But those who look at statistics like these are missing the other side of the equation. I think it’s less about how much money is already invested in gold and more about what’s available to invest. After all, one could be impressed that China, for example, invested $14.6 billion in gold over the past few years – until you realize they have $2.45 trillion sitting in reserves.

So, how much is invested in gold, and how much is available?

According to hedge fund Paulson & Co, if you added up all the money invested in gold ETFs, it would total $78.3 billion (at $1,200 gold). The amount of money currently sitting in U.S. money market funds, on the other hand, comes to $2.849 trillion.

In other words, all the money invested in gold ETFs represents just 2.7% of what is sitting in cash. Put another way, if just 5% of available money market funds ($142.4 billion) were to move into the gold ETFs, it would almost triple the current value.

But what if it’s 10%? And what if Doug Casey’s call for a modern-day gold rush comes to pass?

Those who claim the gold market is crowded will also point to Paulson’s extraordinary high percentage of funds sitting in yellow metal investments. Yes, he’s got a $3.4 billion stake in GLD – but the critics didn’t look under the hood. Most of those holdings are from the fund’s employees (including John himself), not outside investors. Not exactly an overheated trade.

To some, the amount of money invested in gold may “feel” high, but it’s a relative pittance compared to what’s sitting idly on the sidelines, waiting for a reason to move and a place to go. And when you consider that the vast majority of U.S. citizens don’t own any form of gold, this is a market that is the opposite of crowded. There is a lot of money that could hit our sector.

And it’s not just precious metal funds. I interviewed Andy Schectman of bullion dealer Miles Franklin, and Kevin Brekke, our Switzerland-based editor, told me it was the most informative interview we’ve published this year. Why? Because based on what Andy sees week after week regarding supply, he’s come to the conclusion that we’ll see a serious drought of bullion when the average citizen begins to buy gold. Meaning, if you wait to buy until everyone else does, you may find yourself out of luck. And the data I present this month backs up that claim; in fact, you may be surprised at some of the findings.

This article is written by Jeff Clark of Casey Research and with their kind permission, O B Research has been privileged to publish this article on our website. To find out more about Casey Research, please visit:

OGC Q2 2010 Financial Results Conference Call and Webcast

OceanaGold Corporation’s financial and operational results for the quarter and half year ended 30 June 2010 will be released following the close of the ASX market on Thursday 29 July (Melbourne time). The Company will host a conference call / webcast at 7.30am on Friday 30 July (Melbourne) / 5.30pm on Thursday 29 July (Toronto) times.

For full pressrelease, see pdf

OGC Newsrelease

Alder Appoints Rene Bharti as President and CEO and Ryan Ptolemy as CFO

“We are very excited about the addition of Rene and Ryan to the team at Alder.” stated Bruce Ford, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company. “Their collective experience in mining industry will assist us in the development of our assets and will contribute to the success of the Company as we move forward”

Alder Resources Ltd. (TSX Venture: ALR) is pleased to announce the appointment of Rene Bharti as President, Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of the Company and the appointment of Ryan Ptolemy as Chief Financial Officer.

“We are very excited about the addition of Rene and Ryan to the team at Alder.” stated Bruce Ford, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company. “Their collective experience in mining industry will assist us in the development of our assets and will contribute to the success of the Company as we move forward”.

Mr. Rene Bharti has held roles in several public and private companies, including those in the resource, and other sectors. Mr. Bharti holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree from Queen’s University, Canada. Mr. Bharti’s experience in the mining industry will be important for the company’s development of its projects in Colombia.

Mr. Ryan Ptolemy is a Certified General Accountant and CFA charter holder. Mr. Ptolemy is also currently CFO of Rodinia Lithium Inc. and the CFO of Belo Sun Mining Corp.. From August 2005 to September 2009, Mr. Ptolemy was at an independent investment dealer in Toronto, most recently serving as CFO where he was responsible for financial reporting, auditing, budgeting and internal controls.

The appointment of Mr. Bharti follows the resignation of Mr. Bruce Ford who will continue to serve as a member of the Board of Directors. The appointment of Mr. Ryan Ptolemy follows the resignation of Mr. Carl Jonsson who will continue to serve as the Company’s Corporate Secretary and a member of the Board of Directors.

For full pressrelease, see this LINK