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Volcanic Gold (TSX:V-VG) – Mining Legend Simon Ridgway’s Newest Venture

Simon Ridgway is the founder of $1.5 Billion company Fortuna Silver. With his newest venture Volcanic Gold he is looking to build a 3-5-Million-ounce gold resource in Guinea and sell it to the highest bidder.

In this interview Simon talks about how Fortuna got started and why he now favor exploration over production.

Volcanic Gold is a West African exploration company, 30 kms from a >10 Moz deposit currently in production (AngloGold Ashanti).

To find out more about Volcanic Gold, please visit the website and its investor page.

Energy Metals’ Analyst Chris Berry Talks About Lithium & Cobalt

Based in New York, Chris has been an independent analyst since 2009 with a focus on Energy Metals including lithium, cobalt, graphite, vanadium, and rare earths. His research provides strategic insights to institutional clients and has a specific focus on how disruptive trends in energy, strategic metals, and technology create opportunities. Before shifting focus to analysis of these trends, Chris gained twelve years of capital markets experience on both the buy side and sell side.

He speaks at conferences in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia and is frequently quoted in the press including the Financial Times providing insights around raw material supply chain dynamics.

To find out more about Chris and his work, check out his Twitter or visit his website.

Standard Lithium – Lining Up to Become The Next U.S. Lithium Producer

“Having a domestic lithium source is critical for the United States” – Robert Mintak, CEO

The fundamentals for lithium is among the strongest of all commodities as supply will have serious problems at keeping up with demand. To become the next new U.S. lithium producer will put Standard Lithium (TSX-V:SLL) in the driver seat, ahead of most competition.

Standard Lithium is aiming big and with a bit of progress at the project level, this junior is set to become a market darling and enjoy the premium that comes with it. We have serious doubts that Standard Lithium will be a publicly listed company two years from now, the odds favor a take-over in our mind.

“Bristol Lake’s infrastructure is world-class,  you won’t find a better project for infrastructure in the world” – Robert Mintak, CEO

To find out more about Standard Lithium, download their company presentation (pdf) and visit their website.

An important interview directly related to the lithium (and cobalt) market can be found here

Zinc One Interview – Bongará Zinc Mine Could Be The Highest Grade Zinc Mine In The World Once Back In Production

“We don’t know of any other deposit that is out there right now, in the world, that is mining with these kinds of grades” – Jim Walchuck, CEO

We have met Jim Walchuck on several occasions and he tick all the right boxes. Jim has built mines and worked on projects all over the world and we couldn’t see a better person to bring the Bongará mine back into production.

With the acquisition at hand and $11-12 million in the bank, Zinc One is in a unique position to fasttrack one of the highest graded zinc projects back into production.

The Bongará deposit has extreme high zinc grades sitting right at surface. If “translated” to a gold deposit, they will be open pit mining the equivalent of Au 15 gr/t. Those kind of grades a rare for underground mining operations and almost unheard of for open pit.

“The goal of Zinc One is to have this mine back into production in 24-36 months” – Jim Walchuck, CEO

To find out more about Zinc One Resources, download their company presentation (pdf) and visit their website.

Gecko Research Interviews Fund Manager And Lithium Expert Tobias Tretter

Based out of Switzerland, Tobias Tretter is the portfolio manager and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the world’s only pure lithium fund.
We have met with Tobias on several occasions and the knowledge he possesses when it comes to lithium and cobalt beats anyone we have ever talked to on the subject.

We truly urge Gecko readers to listen to this interview if you are invested in lithium or cobalt juniors. The insight Tobias offers here is straight out priceless.

We conducted this interview on January 27th this year.

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