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GIG – Gecko Investor Group

Since 2016, members of Gecko Investor Group were given the opportunity to participate in several Canadian financings, some examples:

1) Pre-IPO – Starton Therapeutics (private) @ US$0.55
We have invested more and more into each round as the valuation got higher, simply due to the exceptional progress made. Starton will do an IPO on NASDAQ later in 2020, looking to give us a 10-bagger out of the gate.

2) Pre-IPO – ManifestSeven (private) @ $1.00 (closed)
Establishing itself as an “Omnichannel” distribution player in the Californian cannabis market, ManifestSeven stands out from the crowd. Having recently secured the ownership of 1-800-CANNABIS, along with a very strong management team, ManifestSeven is bound to become profitable shortly after they go public in Q1, 2020.

3) Seed – Easyriders (private) @ $0.25 (closed)
The iconic Easyriders brand is for many associated with the feature film starring Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda & Jack Nicholson from 1969. The brand speaks for itself and we like this deal for its experienced management team (experts in building brands) and for its licensing potential. Sky is the limit as Easyriders could be so much more than cannabis (jeans, sunglasses, workwear, whiskey etc).

4) Pre-IPO – Cannafornia Inc (private) @ $1.00 (closed)
Still private, Cannafornia is founded by multi-successful entrepreneur Paul King, who has several exits under his belt. Before Paul created Cannafornia, he and his brother built what’s today one of the most respected cannabis companies in California, Kings Garden.
Cannafornia is turning profits every month already, that’s more than you can say about most publicly listed cannabis companies.

GIG – Gecko Investor Group

The Gecko Investor Group (GIG) is a closed group of paying subscribers that will from time to time get access to private placements (PP’s) in Canadian junior companies, just like the ones mentioned above.

We have been investing our own money this way for several years and we have found it to have helped us enormously in our personal wealth creation.

With our growing network of contacts, most of our GIG investments are made in private companies about to go public (seed & pre-IPO).

How Do I Join?

First of all, you need to be a subscriber to our free newsletter which is easy to sign up for.

To activate your GIG membership, simply send us an email with your contact information to gig (at) geckoresearch.com. We will then send you a few documents to sign, scan and return to us.*
* There’s currently a waiting list

What Does It Cost?

After you have provided us with the documentation we need, we will send you an invoice of C$2,000 for a 1-year membership.

If you participated in any of the PP’s mentioned above, you would have very likely covered the cost of the fee many times over.

How Many PP’s Per Year Will I Get Offered?

There are no guarantees, it could be none (not very likely) and it could be several. We set the bar pretty high when it comes to where we invest our own money and we intend to be picky. You can rest assure that we are very likely to be invested with our own money alongside yours.

You can only invest in these placements as an accredited investor.

I Don’t Have A Canadian Trading Account

If our members don’t have a Canadian broker account, we can steer you in the right direction. Great part is, you don’t even have to make the trip to Canada to open one!

Limited Number Of GIG Members – First Come, First Serve

We feel it’s important for GIG not to get too big as this will not be beneficial for the group. If GIG is too small then GIG would not be very appealing to the companies (not happening as critical mass is already met). If GIG gets too big, members would likely risk being cut back and not receiving their full allocation.

So, we will open up for new memberships in GIG during periods as we go along. If we don’t accept new members to join, it’s for the existing members’ benefit and you will be put on a waiting list.

Gecko Investor Group – Current Status

June 5th, 2018
GIG is currently closed for new applications. The approach is “one member leaves, a new one joins”.

Gecko Research Disclaimer & Private Policy