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Hello Pal: Interview with Founder and CEO Mr. KL Wong

Our latest addition to the Gecko Portfolio is a tech company called Hello Pal, with its main listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the symbol ‘HP’.

Today we talked with KL Wong, founder and CEO, about how Hello Pal got started, what to expect in the future and also on the importance of having New Margin as one of its largest shareholders. New Margin has invested more than $1.7B in more than 160 companies of which over 40 have gone public in domestic or international stock exchanges.

KL, a Malaysian born, studied and worked in the UK for 10 years. He graduated with a law degree from Cambridge University and started off his career as a lawyer at Clifford Chance (world’s largest law firm) in the UK and Hong Kong. KL is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, and has a working knowledge of Malay and French. He is currently learning Japanese and Korean.

In 2008, shortly after the birth of his daughter Felicity, KL founded BrillKids Inc., creator of the multiple award-winning early childhood education program Little Reader. Having already one internet success under his belt, KL Wong knows what it takes to make Hallo Pal his next success.

To learn more about Hello Pal, please read our original write-up from July 19th, 2016.