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John Rubino on Possible Deflation Scenarios, Currencies, Precious Metals & Miners and Much More

Today we caught up with John Rubino, founder of DollarCollapse.com and the co-author of the new book The Money Bubble (external link to Amazon).

John talked about his recent piece Deflation Shock Coming? Or QE Euphoria?, where different scenarios might occur regarding deflation in the U.S. and around the world. Can the U.S. dollar have another period of strengthening in an environment of ongoing global currency wars?
China, what’s going on there with their astonishing growth in the last years? John touches on possible bubbles that could be in danger.
Besides also adding insights on his new book, John Rubino gave us some very interesting views on the precious metals and the mining companies. Could this sector turn out to one of few happy stories for 2014?

(Download mp3)