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JPMorgan: China’s economy to grow 15% in Q2 as it recovers from coronavirus

The world’s second largest economy, China, will recover from the COVID-19 crisis to emerge stronger than ever, according to JPMorgan Chase’s global economist Joseph Lupton.

Lupton told CNBC he is projecting negative four percent growth for the first quarter, when the coronavirus outbreak brought much of China’s economy to a halt.

“It’s not just looking at things still depressed. It’s looking at where the bottom is and are we starting to march our way upward?” he said.

Lupton added that 15 percent quarter-on-quarter annualized growth could still be possible. “If you get a rebound that’s happening, even if you’re still down 30 percent, if you were down 50 percent, that’s a 20 percentage point move that actually starts to impact growth not just in the second quarter but even in the late first quarter.”

According to the economist, there will be increased fiscal stimulus from China’s central bank, which will aid the country’s ability to recover economically.

The International Monetary Fund has cut its growth outlook for China’s economy by 0.4 percentage points to 5.6 percent, saying that announced policies are being implemented and China’s economy will return to normal in the second quarter.