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NEWS: Eclipse Gold Mining Corporation Retains Market Maker

Eclipse Gold Mining Corporation (TSXV: EGLD) (“Eclipse” or “the Company”) announced today that, subject to regulatory approval, it has retained Mackie Research Capital Corporation to provide market making services to the Company in compliance with the policies and guidelines of the TSX Venture Exchange (“TSXV”) and other applicable legislation.

Mackie will trade shares of Eclipse on the TSXV for the purposes of maintaining a reasonable market and improving the liquidity of Eclipse’s common shares. The agreement between Mackie and the Company is for a one-year term and the Company has agreed to pay Mackie $5,000 per month during the term, payable quarterly in advance. The engagement may be terminated by either party with written notice of 30 days. The Company and Mackie act at arm’s length, but Mackie may provide investment banking services to Eclipse and Mackie and/or its clients may have an interest, directly or indirectly, in the securities of Eclipse. The agreement is principally for the purposes of maintaining market stability and liquidity for the Company’s common shares. There are no performance factors contained in the agreement between Mackie and the Company and Mackie will not receive any shares or options from the Company as compensation for services it will render.

About Eclipse Gold Mining

Eclipse Gold Mining is exploring the district-scale Hercules gold property within the Walker Lane. The Hercules property is located only a one-hour drive from Reno, Nevada. The Company brings together a team with collective funding of over $2 billion in both strong and weak markets and a track record of at least ten successful buyouts/exits. Our strategy is to begin with the end game in mind: deliver wealth-generating liquidity for shareholders through a major discovery. The Company’s common shares will commence trading on the TSXV on February 18, 2020.

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