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Northern Empire (TSX:V-NM) – Another Takeout Opportunity From The Team Behind Newmarket Gold

Is there such a thing as the perfect junior mining company? Perhaps not, but one of the stories that tick most of our boxes right now, is Northern Empire.

We want to bet on people who have done it before, been successful in creating value for their investors. Northern Empire have that as this management have been involved in previous take-outs such as Newmarket Gold, Kaminak Gold, Int’l Royalty and Underworld Resources to mention a few.

“As important as putting the money in, is taking the money out. We are business men, our job is to create a liquidity event.”

Doug Hurst, who played a key role in the creation and sale of Newmarket Gold (>$1Bn to Kirkland Lake Gold), talks to Gecko Research at the Precious Metals Mining Conference in Munich on Thursday, Nov 2nd.

Doug is determined to repeat the history and create a liquidity event for Northern Empire shareholders.

“Our job is to create value for shareholders. It’s our job to be stewards of the capital of the company on behalf of investors.”

The two comments above comes from Doug Hurst. You don’t hear management say this very often, especially not from someone who is able to back it up and having done it before, not once but on several occasions.

News from November 2nd, 2017, that is discussed in the interview and perhaps one of the most important news releases to date for the company:
* Northern Empire Reports Drill Results from Sterling Gold Mine 12.19 meters of 8.37 g/t Au

To find out more about Northern Empire, please visit the website and download Northern Empire’s latest presentation (pdf).