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TomaGold – Exploring with other people’s money

In our quest to find a junior explorer meeting all of our criteria, we discovered this “flying under the radar” Canadian company. What we found was a junior run with a tight cost structure (important to us), a portfolio of properties within Canada and perhaps most important of all, enjoying a partnership where someone else is spending all the money.

TomaGold’s flagship property is Monster Lake and the company is partnered up with giant IAMGOLD. As we post this, TomaGold (lot.v) has a share price of C$0.09 which gives them a Mcap of only C$7.3 million (80.8m sh out).

Listen to this (11 min) interview we did with TomaGold’s CEO, David Grondin, when we met with him in Hong Kong recently. Our impression of David is a guy who isn’t tainted with the mentality of many junior companies, a person who is hungry and eager to make something out of TomaGold. As the CEO, David Grondin owns ~5% of the company so he is aligned with the rest of us.

The introduction newsletter we made to our subscribers on TomaGold on April 14th can be downloaded on this link (pdf).
The excerpt on TomaGold from our Weekly Update on April 17th is found here (pdf).



First Mining Finance – Keith Neumeyer’s next start-up success?

In this business, a half decent property can still become viable in the hands of a great management, but a great asset might not amount to anything if the wrong people manage it.

As investors, we prefer to follow and invest with people having had success over and over again. Keith Neumeyer is one of those guys that definitely fits the criteria (and then some).

Keith founded both First Quantum and First Majestic Silver and both companies have grown to become majors in copper and silver and interestingly enough, both companies acquired their property portfolio in similar distressed market conditions as we see today.

First Mining Finance already have a large portfolio of assets but will add to that aggressively when assets are on fire sale in today’s environment.

First Mining is closing their IPO @ 40c any day and will have C$7.5-8 Million in cash when they go public next week. Ticker symbol ‘FF’ on the Venture Exchange in Canada. We at Gecko Research own shares in First Mining Finance.






Keith Neumeyer – First Mining Finance (FF.V)

Mar 5, 2015

Keith is interviewed by Dominic Frisby about his new venture, First Mining Finance which in a few weeks will start trading under the ticker symbol ‘FF’ on the Venture exchange.

First Mining is currently doing their IPO and Gecko Research has offered our subscribers to take part of that IPO. If someone is interested to participate, drop us a line and we’ll send you the paperwork.



Kaizen Discovery – A junior that stands out

CEO Matthew Hornor gives us an introduction to his Kaizen Discovery (kzd.v).

Kaizen has very unique partnerships with Japanese investors, one of which is a listed multi-billion dollar company. Currently a Mcap of C$38 Million (@ 24c/share) and a well filled treasury of C$10 Million, Kaizen is in the driver’s seat for both acquisitions and continuous work on their properties. This business model is unheard of which one can easier understand the value of when 80-85% of its shares are held by strong hands.



Please visit the Kaizen Discovery website for more information