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VSBLTY Groupe Technologies CEO Discusses RadarApp Collaboration Deployment in Colombia Following Mexico City Successes

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VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp.’s (CSE:VSBY) (5VS.F) (OTC:VSBGF) success with security initiatives in collaboration with Smart City Solutions provider RadarApp in Mexico City has given rise to new adoption in Colombia, according to a recent press release. In an interview with Investorideas.com, VSBLTY Co-founder and CEO Jay Hutton explained that the work in Mexico’s capital was watched closely from the start.

“From the very beginning of the Mexico City project there were a lot of eyeballs on it, a lot of people watching it to see how well it would perform because it was breaking a lot of the traditional rules of how security systems are deployed in large cities,” he said. “As these systems [were getting] deployed, we had delegations from other countries and cities visiting Mexico City because the results were sort of unbelievable.”

An example of the kind of results Hutton is referring to is Cuajimalpa County’s becoming the safest in Mexico City. Cuajimalpa Mayor Adrian Ruvalcaba said:

“We have gone from the 11th Safest to Number One during 2019. The single major contributor to this change is the camera security network which is not yet even fully installed.”

Similarly, neighboring Cuauhtemoc County reported a 40 percent reduction of crime in the first year of the installation of the security network.

“As it turns out, the first one outside of Mexico City we’ve landed is Colombia, and [its] three major cities – Medellin, Bogota, and Barranquilla – have now seen initial deployments and we look to go even bigger very soon with them,” he said.

Hutton said the company is currently speaking with other governments in the region who seek to follow the examples set in Mexico City.

“We’re already in advanced conversations with other Latin American countries that are seeing the same need and seeing our ability to uniquely and cost-effectively to provide a solution,” he said.

The onset of the global Coronavirus pandemic has created sudden demand in cities for things like temperature scanning of crowds, something which VSBLTY and RadarApp’s security solutions have proven adept in executing. The press release quotes RadarApp Co-founder and CEO, Rodrigo Calderon:

“This technology is extremely adaptive which enables us to integrate thermal cameras and analytics. In addition to the impact that this platform has had on crime reduction, the technology is also providing crowd density information, which is assisting officials who are working to monitor public safety during the current Covid-19 pandemic.”

“For VSBLTY that’s just another set of data inbound that we can use our artificial intelligence engine to drive alerting on,” Hutton said. “So, it’s just perfect for us, and it fits into our structure quite nicely.”

Podcast host- Sam Mowers, Investorideas.com