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U.S. govt wants to sell multimillion-dollar Hong Kong property as it revokes city’s special status The US government has invited bids for several luxury mansions in the Hong Kong area, one of the world’s most expensive real estate markets, as tensions r

Here’s the Real Reason Gold Has Been Rising Gold has a reputation as a good hedge against inflation, so if gold is rising, it must be that markets are sniffing out inflation, right? Crispin Odey, a Europe

ECB About to Turn Up Printing Press to Finance Europe’s Recovery The European Central Bank will step up emergency asset purchases next week to haul the economy out of its much deeper than originally anticipated slump, accordi

Lithium prices to bounce after 2022 Prices for lithium, one of the key ingredients for the batteries that power electric vehicles (EVs) and high tech devices, are expected to climb in two years, w

Around 2 BILLION people may lose their jobs in the next couple of months due to pandemic More than half of the world’s workforce (nearly two billion people) risk losing their jobs or moving to part-time work in 2020 as a result of the economic fal

U.S. savings rate hits record 33% as coronavirus causes Americans to stockpile cash, curb spending The coronavirus crisis has Americans hoarding more money than ever as widespread fear paralyzes consumer spending habits. The personal savings rate hit a histor

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GIG – Gecko Investor Group

Brandon J. – Calgary, Canada

“The versatility in the deal flow I get through The Gecko Investor Group is fantastic. It makes it so easy for me to choose to invest in the sectors I like best at that specific time. My two largest holdings about to go public are in biotech and the cannabis logistics sector.”

Barry L. – Manchester, UK

“Through my membership in GIG, I have participated in over twenty different financings, some in public companies but mostly private deals about to go public. This has changed my family’s lifestyle and made us debt free.”

Aveline K. – Liege, Belgium

“After being a GIG member for over three years now, my view on how everyone should manage at least a part of their personal portfolio, has changed significantly. The risk is higher, but the potential returns are in a class of their own. My best investments that I have capitalized on returned 130%, 225% and a mind-boggling 380%.”


Gecko Podcast: Eclipse Gold – Potentially the next ‘market

After successes such as Underworld, Newmarket Gold (sold to Kirkland Lake) and the most recent one, Northern Empire, the team is again back together on a new venture. When Coeur Mining bought Northern

Standard Lithium – On Its Way To Become The Next U.S. Lithium Pr

Still after almost a year of owning Standard Lithium in our portfolio, this lithium junior is still our #1 pick if we would buy only one lithium company today. And when one thinks it doesn’t get