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The next generation of wireless networks is slowly rolling out. Here’s what to expect The development of ridesharing apps, such as Uber and Lyft, was made possible by 4G. With 5G, ridesharing cars could one day navigate themselves — no human dr

Congressional Hearing Exposes Marijuana Research Limitations Imposed By Federal Law At a congressional hearing on Wednesday, federal regulators recognized that valuable research into marijuana is being inhibited cannabis’s current legal statu

China set to post weakest growth in 29 years as trade war bites, investment sputters China is expected to report on Friday that economic growth slowed to its weakest in nearly three decades in 2019 amid a bruising trade war with the United State

Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen says it’s OK for the US to add to its $23 trillion debt pile Former Fed chair Janet Yellen thinks it’s OK if the government adds to its $23 trillion debt load – although there are strings attached. “Even

Starton Therapeutics CEO talks through 2019 achievements and anticipated milestones in 2020 Starton Therapeutics CEO Pedro Lichtinger sat down with Proactive’s Christine Corrado at the Biotech Showcase 2020 in San Francisco. Lichtinger talks about ho

NEWS: Cannafornia strikes deal for Florida Super License, has opportunity to become one of 22 Florida Licensees SALINAS, Calif., Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — CEO of Cannafornia, Paul King, told us earlier today, “Cannafornia has made a name for itself in

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GIG – Gecko Investor Group

Brandon J. – Calgary, Canada

“The versatility in the deal flow I get through The Gecko Investor Group is fantastic. It makes it so easy for me to choose to invest in the sectors I like best at that specific time. My two largest holdings about to go public are in biotech and the cannabis logistics sector.”

Barry L. – Manchester, UK

“Through my membership in GIG, I have participated in over twenty different financings, some in public companies but mostly private deals about to go public. This has changed my family’s lifestyle and made us debt free.”

Aveline K. – Liege, Belgium

“After being a GIG member for over three years now, my view on how everyone should manage at least a part of their personal portfolio, has changed significantly. The risk is higher, but the potential returns are in a class of their own. My best investments that I have capitalized on returned 130%, 225% and a mind-boggling 380%.”


Gecko Podcast: Eclipse Gold – Potentially the next ‘market

After successes such as Underworld, Newmarket Gold (sold to Kirkland Lake) and the most recent one, Northern Empire, the team is again back together on a new venture. When Coeur Mining bought Northern

Standard Lithium – On Its Way To Become The Next U.S. Lithium Pr

Still after almost a year of owning Standard Lithium in our portfolio, this lithium junior is still our #1 pick if we would buy only one lithium company today. And when one thinks it doesn’t get